Sunday, March 1, 2015

final forum gets Q&A for city officials

"Resident Jordan Mason also questioned whether a market the size of Rapid City can support such a large, costly facility, and whether air travel and hotel options are adequate to accommodate big shows and crowds.
Baltzer replied that he believes the city has already begun to lose out on events that require upgraded technology, better stages, and a more modern space than now offered by the 40-year-old Barnett Arena.
Rapid City Convention & Visitors Bureau Director Julie Jensen said the CVB has an aggressive event marketing plan and works closely with hotels and airlines to improve access and options. Jensen said that when the Barnett was newer, Rapid City could compete with much-larger metro areas to attract events, many of which are now held elsewhere.
'Our Barnett Arena is not relevant anymore,' she said. 'We're not going to bring them here with what we have now. We cannot sell without a relevant building, plain and simple'."

This final answer still has me wondering if we could compete on price (not having to spend $180 million on expansion) rather than size of venue.


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