Friday, March 6, 2015

Young Professionals want it, John Kammerer doesn't - March 6 opinions

"....For us, the civic center expansion is about opportunity — opportunity to build upon a wonderful quality of life, opportunity to grow in our chosen profession and opportunity to be a part of the next big vision for Rapid City. We ask you to join us in our support of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center expansion on March 10.
— Rapid City Young Professionals Group"

"...Lieutenant Governor Matt Michels remarks a few days ago regarding South Dakota’s economic predictions for the fiscal year. He stated that it is not going to be even close to what was predicted. I believe the new expected figure was approximately half of what was originally forecast. One has to think this has to have an effect on Rapid City’s sales tax figures. Also Darla Drew’s insistence that the LNI would never go anywhere should be in question. There is serious talk of moving it for at least one year or at the very least encouraging people to boycott.
My mother and dad always said: 'Don't count your chickens before they're hatched.'
 — John Kammerer, Rapid City"

Both looking to the future.  One wildly optimistic and one careful.  I also want to look forward in Rapid City, and I see the need for road repair, an additional fire station, and things like that. The expansion, while not adding to our tax burden, will simply suck up so much of our taxes that other projects will go begging.  

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