Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sioux Falls' view of the expansion vote


"City 'leaders' in Rapid City were so consumed with the thought of keeping up with Sioux Falls that they overextended themselves and reached too high. Building sports and entertainment facilities with large amounts of public money are delicate political matters that need to be handled deftly, not with a swashbuckling attitude of 'We'll pay for it later! This place is going to be huge!'
Any degree of recklessness or lack of clarity regarding major public expenditures can lead to election-night disasters, and astute politicians understand and respect that. Those who don't and choose to barrel ahead with blinders typically doom the project and don't stay in office for long."

How much did envy of Sioux Falls play in the city fathers pushing this huge plan?  The timing is suspicious, just after Sioux Falls opened their new civic center.

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