Monday, March 2, 2015

Opinion page; one for, one against

"...Perhaps what I’m most disappointed about is the timing of the “Fix the Plan” campaign. Throughout this process there have been ample time for this committee to voice their thoughts, yet they have waited until now to do so. Why? Their actions seem politically motivated at the expense of what’s best for the community.
 — Marcel Wahlstrom , Custer"

"...I do not think they and those who promote this project have demonstrated to the voters neither the benefits they will derive, nor the real financial analysis required before embarking in a project of this magnitude. Therefore, a no vote is called for. The rosy picture presented by these advocates of the economic growth the city will achieve is just that — a rosy picture. The recent news on the front page of the Journal about the state's "economy has grown much less than predicted" means less revenue for the state and should give pause to those who are promoting the rosy picture they foresee for the city. I hope they consider this as a warning.
— Orlando Ortiz, Rapid City"   

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