Saturday, March 7, 2015

Today's opposing letters; West Shelton vs. Rick Kriebel

"...It is wise that plans are in place to expand the civic center so that events like the Stock Show and many others won't be displaced while the current arena is being renovated. It is also wise to reinvest in the engine that created the possibility of the Vision Funds in the first place.
Yes, we won't be able to continue spending on these smaller Vision projects for a handful of years, but in the end the city will be better off passing the vote on March 10.
— Wes Shelton, Rapid City"

"...Advocating $200 million worth of debt on the backs of taxpayers while telling them they lost their right to speak is outrageous. It is my hope that the taxpayers will express their indignation by voting no on March 10.
— Rick Kriebel, Rapid City"

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