Saturday, March 14, 2015

David Rooks: think big on a smaller civic center

"In other words, opportunities are always present, side by side, with difficulties. If nothing else, the reaction to the treatment of the American Horse students at the civic center two months ago revealed a longstanding wound in the greater Rapid City community. But it is a wound that, oddly, could become Rapid City’s greatest opportunity.
It’s the perception, deserved or not, that this town is unwelcoming to Native Americans. The city can change that. With the aid of its native families, many of whom have several generations in this community and ties built up with non-native Rapid Citians going back nearly a century, this town could become a showcase for its least appreciated asset: the native community.
How about a Gathering of the Nations Pow Wow timed just before the Sturgis Rally. How about a native-themed park on the north side built to host the pow wow? Maybe a summer LNI?"

More community-related stuff would be fine. Especially since there won't be as much overhead now.

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