Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3 opposing letters to the editor

"...Rapid City is growing, that is a fact and something that cannot and should not be hindered by backwards thinking people who oppose progress in our city (flashbacks of the Main Street Square vote). I’m voting yes on the civic center expansion and urge all voters to do the same. Because if we’re not moving forward, we’re sliding backward.
 — Debbi Fitch, Rapid City"

"...There are no detailed plans for this project; it is basically just a concept with many unknowns. Can we get or do we even want two additional professional sports teams? What will the interest rate be (I understand it’s a variable rate)? Has the parking issue been addressed sufficiently? Is this even enough money to complete the project? How does this improve our quality of life? We see public debt growing at all levels with no end in sight.
— Dan Mulally, Rapid City"

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