Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tom Udager; money needed elsewhere

Industry has four major requirements of any city that they may consider for expansion:
  • Good infrastructure;
  • A skilled and educated work force;
  • Availability of residential properties;
  • Quality recreational opportunities.
The streets of Rapid City are in a state of disrepair. While city planners assure us on an annual basis that streets are a priority, the deterioration continues. We are faced with some major drainage problems in Rapid City and the possibility of replacing a water treatment plant. More, not less, tax dollars should be invested in recruiting industry to our area, but instead we stand on the brink of encumbering all of our resources on one project."

I agree. We don't need to just ask "would the expansion be good for the city?"  We also need to ask, what will not get done that could have gotten done?

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