Friday, March 6, 2015

Final? debate before March 10 voting

"At the debate sponsored by The Garage, in Rapid City, nearly 50 people listened as Tony DeMaro, in favor of the expansion, and Richard Wahlstrom, opposed, fielded questions from retired 7th Circuit Judge John Delaney. The debate was part of The Garage's monthly Morning Fill Up conversation series.
While both DeMaro, proprietor of Murphy's Pub and Grill, and Wahlstrom, finance officer for Rapid City from 1990 to 1995, called the civic center a valued community asset, they disagreed about how to change it to meet future needs.
'It needs to be a clean, fresh, well-managed and financially sound (project), and whether or not any of those characteristics necessarily need the additional footprint that's being proposed in this proposal, I'm not convinced of that,' Wahlstrom said.
But DeMaro said the proposed expansion is an opportunity to boost Rapid City's economy and improve its quality of life for years to come.
Expansion, DeMaro said, is an opportunity to go above and beyond simply fixing the arena; rather, he said, it would increase the marketability of Rapid City as a destination and procure a return on investment."

Both sides agree on the ADA fixes. Both sides look ahead to see what's best for the city. One side thinks investing a huge percentage of our assets into one project will work. The other does not think we need such a big project and can spread our assets around for better effect.  

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