Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Journal's summary of the situation

"The business plan
The business plan for the proposed expansion assumed that the facility could attract such top-tier acts as Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake. At the same time, the plan acknowledged that the region's sparse population and limited income, which is lower than the national average, may counteract its ability to do so.
City and civic center officials and other expansion proponents now maintain that those types of acts would not be the staples of the new arena. Rather, smaller concerts and events like the Lakota Nation Invitational and Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo would be the mainstays for the new facility.
To reach the facility's projected operational revenue, the report also assumed the city would need two new professional sports franchises.
Craig Baltzer, the civic center's director, has said, however, that those options are not on the table and would not be pursued. The two sports teams account for nearly half of all new events at the proposed arena, according to the report.
The business plan also assumed the civic center would start charging up to $5 for on-site parking during all ticketed events. Baltzer says that option has not been, and cannot be, addressed until a final design for the expansion is completed.
Options to make up for those shortfalls have not been publicly presented."

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