Thursday, March 5, 2015

Civic Center ticket prices, plus longer-term costs - Opinions today

"...Three remarkable events cost $55 or I can see one event at the unexpanded civic center, Flashdance, for $52.50 to $62.50. Frugal/greedy me, I think I’ll choose three.
— Carol Merwin, Rapid City"

"...Furthermore, they want to build it right away on the grounds that every month of delay will add another million dollars to the total cost due to inflation. As the existing funding plan stretches the city’s ability to take on long-term debt almost to its limit, additional borrowing to cover unforeseen circumstances would likely be at higher interest rates than those quoted so far.
This project could ruin Rapid City’s credit rating for a generation, resulting in higher taxes to keep the city government running.
— Arnett Dennis, Rapid City"

I do wonder whether we might be able to compete with other venues based on price if we didn't spend $180 million that we'd then have to charge more (right?) to pay back.

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