Thursday, April 19, 2018

I support building a new civic center

After reading up on the issue, and listening to Mayor Allender's presentation, I have decided to support the new Civic Center.  My only question now is, would that money be better spent getting the railroad out of town and fixing our roads?  But I think now those issues are separate.  We have to spend money one way or the other on the civic center. We may as well build something now that will be viable for many years to come instead of trying to coax the old civic center into years beyond its ability.

1 comment:

  1. Monies designated for Capital Improvements (Civic Center) could be re-designated, right? We voted on this 1/2 cent sales tax designation and we can request to re-route it. These designations are self-imposed so let's change them and fix our roads, the lake at Canyon lake and other local improvements that would help those of us who live here. I bet if we took care of our residents, the vote on Civic Center would be different.