Sunday, January 3, 2016

Proposal to use city property at Omaha and Mt. Rushmore Road for solar panels

   I'd like to propose a use for the city property on the northwest corner of Omaha Street and Mt. Rushmore Road.  I would propose that the city build a solar panel farm there that would provide power to the Central High School, and perhaps even to the Civic Center.
   This proposal would:
* make an economical use of the property, since it would be providing "free" electricity to the high school once its' paid for.
* provide vocational training for high school students who will learn how their school is powered.
* be relatively cheap because the land is already city-owned, and the power line to the high school would be quite short.
* indicate that Rapid City is a city that is keeping up with technology and is environmentally aware.
   I do not know the actual technical nor economic details other than the above.
   Attached is an overlay of the property with solar panels from a solar farm in Arizona.
   If you would like more information about this idea please feel free to contact me and I can make a more detailed report.
Jeff  Jacobsen

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  1. Might want to try the keshe plasma,

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